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where to put The Bunny

March is Here and I always ask myself where do I put The Bunny(s)??!!! The best answer I can come up with is on the SHELF!

here are a few Ideas for Styling Shelves

Consider the Space and Object(s) ~ ask yourself where are the shelves & what is there purpose/function

Balance ~ consider the shapes, sizes, color, and heights of the objects...this helps identify a cohesive look

Welcome Negative Space ~ basically keep it simple...DO NOT use all of the space

Group Objects Together ~ this does not mean group the same objects together ~ just simply group objects in close proximity to each other

Doesn't Always Happen on The First Try ~ you might not get it right the first time...SO take a step back or away for a few minutes, hours or days to get it right

As ALWAYS keep up with the March Home To DOs

reFresh the Entryway

reMove Winter layers

clean Patio furniture

Dust high corners & baseboards

simplify the Dining Table

Spring Clean the Kitchen

plant Flowers & Trees

make any Repairs needed due to Winter Weather

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